November 19, 2018

Fatigue; extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.

Fatigue is an area of health which I have specialised in, having studied it extensively. Earlier this year I examined the effects of an iron-rich dietary intervention (DII) on levels of fatigue in healthy women aged 20-50years old for my MSc thesis (Applied Human Nutrition). So, to raise awareness on this topic I want to share some facts to help you understand more about fatigue, including its causes and effects.

Did you know?

·     Iron deficiency (ID) and iron deficiency anaemia are major health concerns for all women (particularly those of reproductive age) as defined by the World Health Organisation (2018). 


·     Both ID and IDA are largely preventable with adequate testing, dietary interventions and/or medical intervention.


·     Positive adaptations from training only occur during the rest period following intense training. Therefore, if sufficient rest is not included in an athlete's training program then regeneration cannot occur and performance plateaus.


Common signs and symptoms of fatigue include weight gain (especially around the waist and stomach), an inability to recover from exercise, an inability to cope with stress, foggy brain and a need to have coffee or sugar to get moving in the morning.


So, what if you recognise and can relate to these symptoms? There are several lifestyle changes that can help;  


Make sure to rest. A well-planned training program should have well-balanced gradual increases in training and allow for rest. 


Think about your diet. Dietary iron intervention can help total fatigue levels decrease over time. A lack of carbs could also be one of the factors causing your insomnia. Click here for an informative article on how our obsession with eating healthily may be preventing us from getting a goodnight’s sleep.


Stress management. Emotional stress taxes the adrenals. So, managing stress in whichever way works for you is imperative. This will take the chronic stress off the adrenal glands so that they can begin to recover.


If you are concerned at all about your own fatigue levels, orwould just like some additional information, please contact me to see howI can help.

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