December 4, 2018

End the year on a high!

There are millions of people who are determined to shake off a few extra pounds, but they put it off until the 1st of January, claiming this is a good time for a 'fresh start'. I'm going to give you some strong reasons why you should not wait that long. 

By all means, enjoy yourself! But not caring about what and how much you eat, or still leading a sedentary lifestyle, doesn’t have to be synonymous with 'happy and relaxed' during the holidays.


Health is a priority, not overindulging


Don’t be like the rest, startslowly now and you’ll have plenty of time to make it a habit in an environmentthat’s comfortable for you. Get more exposed to exercising and becomemore conscious of what food you’re consuming. Then come Christmas and New Year’syour first concern is not eating those delicious treats. By putting yourhealth first right now...


·     There'sless pressure to reach your goals


When the number of people goingto the gym quadruples in January, you'll feel more pressure because more peopleare pursuing the same goal. That can be intimidating andbecome competitive, which can in turn lead to overtrainingand fatigue.


·     You'llhave less work to do later


By the time everyone joins thegym in a month, you’ll have a visual confirmation of your progress. That putsyou in a comfortable position of continuing the good habit. Seeing theprogress made over time is a great motivation to keep going.


·     You’llboost your metabolism


Enjoy food during Christmasand New Year’s and not see it later on your waistline. Your metabolismincreases when you have food and training helps you build muscle whichalso boosts breakdown of calories to obtain energy. Start eating smallerportions now and working out using resistance.


Start now!


·     Small changes really make a big difference inchanging your eating habits, such as watching your portion sizes.

·     When your schedule is hectic, plan shorterworkouts. 

·     Use accountability for sticking to a new dietand completing your weekly training schedule. Make yourself or someone close toyou proud.


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