June 28, 2017

Don't (short) live for new year! Learn to fly high today!

We love a New Year. One word: ‘possibility’.

NYE is the best time of the year. I don’t mean that we love to party-hard. Personally, as we age gracefully we prefer the more-simple things in life: good friends, loving family and to reflect on our ‘great’ achievements of the year.

Listen, we know (we truly get it, honestly we do). There could be a plethora of negative things you could list right now. Approaching the winter holiday season you might be worrying about money, ending a relationship, driving to work and dreading your day (hopefully not driving and reading this blog), not enjoying the image you see in the mirror daily or worrying about your health. We are all human. We make poor decisions, we worry about finances and somehow the unwanted pounds creep on, with the waist expanding and the clothes getting tighter.

Here lies the problem. Waiting for NYE and making HUGE, unrealistic statements about how you will change ‘x,y,z’ and back to ‘a,b,c’, Setting un-realistic expectations for yourself. Setting yourself up for failure. Putting pressure on the one-person who, right now, needs smaller, baby steps and some TLC. This is YOU!

Please stop. Take a breath. What is the date today and how long until the BIG change?

Stopping, waiting, setting dates in the future and telling yourself:

‘I’m too busy right now. I have this event, that brunch, someone is leaving so I must see them off, we have visitors, too many work and friend parties right now, family get-together’s which I MUST attend………….’

Please stop. Again, take a breath and work through the steps below:

1. Visualize YOU

Who do you want to be? Take a moment to indulge us here. Find a quiet corner, close your eyes and take a few VERY deep breaths. Now, think about a time in your life when you felt INCREDIBLE. This can be you at a wonderful weight, fabulous fitness level or just full of crazy confidence. Now freeze-frame YOU feeling like that. Your hand is on the remote control, finger on ‘pause’ and you are watching yourself at your VERY BEST.

What do you see? Facial expressions, energy, body language……..break it all down. What were you wearing, who were you with, what can you see, smell and hear and you watch yourself looking, feeling and being great?

Memorize this moment in time and save it for later. It will be extremely useful in future behavioral change work!

2. What Has Changed & How to Plan the Reverse:

What needs to change to get back to INCREDIBLE YOU?

Think about everything. Weight, size, hair, job, relationships, feelings of happiness? You need to select 3 main things. Now, prioritize those 3 things. What is first on the list?

Take out a pen and paper or your smartphone and start making notes. Trust us, this is invaluable.


BE SPECIFIC: What is first and what are you going to start CHANGING today?

MEASURE:Scales and a tape measure are easy. Where are you starting? Pull out your favorite outfit. How many dress sizes is that? If it is health based then think current quantity of cigarettes or units of alcohol. Stress and sleep quality can also be measured along with investment into relationships. Career goals can be reviewed but you need to measure where you are today.

BE ACCOUNTABLE:Discuss thespecifics and how you WILL be dealing with this/these. Having a buddy certainly helps you adhere to any decision or program. Arrange dates to meet, review and set future targets.

REWARD YOURSELF: Write in stone.

SET TIME TARGETS: Set some timeframes (forget NYE). Work backwards over 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and this week. The most important is today!

So, in the world of Vida6 we want to help. But you need to also help yourself. Visualise you are your INCREDIBLE BEST, freeze frame this fabulous creature and then start making notes on the when and how. DON’T WAIT – start planning more INCREDIBLE today.


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