What is Vida6?

Tired of failing or feeling confused by the nonsense out there? Want to know the truth about YOUR personal , individual nutrition

Using facts and science we support you DAILY, sensibly and sustainably. 

"Carbs are bad. No, carbs are good! What is good fat and when should you have it? What about shakes and juice cleanses? I can't lose weight". HELP!

Gilly offers a fully interactive platform offering real-time messaging service; daily recording on our Food & Mood Journal, daily educational posts, tasks and individual protocols; weekly video call or in-person appointment and daily tracking of how you are feeling.

"This program has transformed me. I certainly won't be growing old gracefully! I've reduced the inflammation and arthritic feeling in my hands, started being a lot more active and have really enjoyed making new and tasty recipes which I share with my friends."

Helen, 69 years old

Lost 16 Kg and 20 inches

"I caught sight of myself on some family holiday photos and decided that I had to change. My wife also wanted to join and so we started our challenge together. Having the support of a coach, every day was really helpful and having the support of each other, at home, was invaluable

Paul , 44 years old

Lost 14.35 Kg and 15 inches

"I had been a keen sportsman and regular gym goer for years. I didn't really need to lose weight but I wanted to change my fat to muscle ratio. In 6 short weeks I felt incredible and thought clearer, slept better and more in control"

Duncan, 41 years old

Lost 7 Kg and 7.5 inches

"Before I started I felt bloated and went through years of having terrible migraines. I would rush from work, spin a hundred plates and eat badly. I needed to eat for health, fueling my body correctly, to stop the headaches and feel mentally prepared for each, busy day. I love the way I feel now."

Rachel, 42 years old

Lost 5.5 Kg and 11 inches

"Before I took control of my health I was 14kg overweight and in the obese category. I had visited the doctor and he prescribed medication for high blood pressure. I felt helpless until I started with Pro Coach. After 6 weeks I came off the tablets. One year on and my golf game has improved as I feel more agile and mobile. Life starts at 70!"

Roy, 71 years old

Lost 14 Kg and 18 inches

"I have been a client for 18 months now. For me it is more about slow, consistent change and having a balanced life, no restrictions or calorie counting and certainly no weighing food. I am a busy mum and senior teacher. This program is also educational and something I can pass onto my students and children."

Emma, 42 years old

Lost 8.5 Kg and 18 inches

About Gillian

Gilly has worked in the wellness industry for 25 years, personally connecting with her clients to support nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Gilly worked in Academy football, was a teacher and Athletic Director, worked as Athlete Liaison at London's 2012 Olympics, managed a wellness consultancy organisation for corporates (Nike, Mars, The Princess Haya Foundation, Aspire Academy-Qatar) and Governments in the UK and Middle East). Gilly created a nutrition and exercise platform for Vogue Fitness/Crossfit Yas in Abu Dhabi before re-locating back to Europe where she set up Vida6.

Gilly holds a Masters in Applied Human Nutrition along with numerous other certifications and delivers NLP (neuro linguistic programming) in order to change mindset and visualise a better version of 'self'.

"My passion is helping people trigger their lightswitch. It's amazing to see people start shining inside and out!"

January 2019
NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) - Regional Trainer

August 2018
MSc Applied Human Nutrition

October 2017
Level 2 Master - Sport & Exercise Nutritional Counselling January 2015 - 2017
Allied Health Professional, Health Coach & Cancer Specialist
March 2013
Personal Development NLP Coach
June 2002
Post Graduate Certificate in Physical Education/Science

Personal Kitchen Makeover & 1 Day Course

Our fully personal & FUN day begins together in your home!

Berardi’s First Law: If a food is in your possession or located in your residence, either you, someone you love, or someone you marginally tolerate will eventually eat it.

Make eating healthier easy! 

1) Fun kitchen-consultation on the basics of nutrition so you feel educated and confident in what to keep doing, what to stop buying and where to store foods so that you are less tempted but NOT completely restricted

2) Body-statistics session with advice on which plan to follow

3) Goal setting session

4) Shopping trip lesson

5) Meal preparation lesson

6) Mobility session followed by short workout, suitable to your starting level. 

Arrange a 'no strings' telephone consultation . Call +44 (0) 7541 492370

**Maximum 6 people per day/group.

Membership Options


In your home. Up to 6 people per group.

4 hours including:

• kitchen makeover

• body stats

• goal setting

• shopping lesson

• food preparation advice

• mobility/exercise session



Limited spaces available

1 telephone call per week 

Daily support

ProCoach daily lessons , workshops & habit formation

Personal body-stats lesson (measure, weigh, input, calculation assistance)

Additional advice on staying on track



Limited spaces available

2 telephone calls per week

Unlimited communication - 24/7

Pro-Coach - daily lessons & habit formation

Personal body-stats lesson(measure, weigh, input, calculations)

Additional advice to stay on track

Exercise Assessment

Nutrition around training (specific to your starting point, injuries & goals)

Please note: First come, first served. No refunds are available after the programme start date.
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